EF#4: Self-cleaning Device

Another day goes by and here Friday comes again. This means another challenge for English Friday. This week’s topic is…


Having two boys can be a handful sometimes, especially when they’re still toddlers. They’re actively exploring their toys and the house. Sometimes the playing room is such a chaos that it looks like a thunderstorm had gone through. We have no assistant to help out with all the houseworks, so it’s me and my husband’s duty to keep the house intact. We do ask our sons to clean up their toys after they are done playing. But considering their age, I wouldn’t expect much.


Two boys = messy

Ah, I do wish there is a self-cleaning device so every corner of the house can be cleaned up with a touch of a button. Won’t it be nice you could just sit down and the house cleans itself? Where is Doraemon when you need him?

3 thoughts on “EF#4: Self-cleaning Device

  1. Just like on ads Mba. Creativity or cleanliness. Right?

    Kebayang sih Mba. Dulu ada temen kantor. Anaknya dua. Masih di bawah 5 tahun. Wahhhhh… tembok kontrakannya habis dengan coretan sana sini.

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